By: Ashley Hanna Hauk

This hat was "born" of many attempts and failures.  After years of knitting only scarves and blankets, I finally arrived at knitting in the round.  The first thing I could duplicate well were these "pointy elf hats", thus, I decided to write the pattern.  This is a simple pattern that will ease you gently into the world of double pointed needles, knitting rounds instead of rows, and will hone your decreasing skills to a fine point

1 skein of #4 worsted weight yarn 100% wool

5 mm double pointed needles

For size 3-6 months (6-12 month, 12months-3 years)

Gauge:  8 Stitches and 10 rows will give you a 5cm by 5 cm swatch


Cast on 48 (60,72) stitches

Row 1: Knitting into the last stitch cast onto your needle

Knit 2 Purl 2 all the way around.

Row 2-6 (2-8, 2-10): Repeat K2 P2 Row

Row 7 (9,11): Knit all the way around.

Continue to knit each row until the body (including the ribbed brim) of the hat is 5(6,7) inches tall.


Reducing Stitches

Row 1R- Knit 9 Knit 2 together all the way around

Knit one row

Row 2R-Knit 8 Knit 2 together

Knit one row

Row 3R- Knit 7 Knit 2 together

Knit one row

Row 4R- Knit 6 Knit 2 together

Knit one row

Row 5R- Knit 5 Knit 2 together

Knit one row

Row 6R- Knit 4 Knit 2 together

Knit one row

Row 7R- Knit 3 Knit 2 together

Knit 2 rows

Row 8R- Knit 2 Knit 2 together

Knit 2 rows

Row 9R- Knit 1 Knit 2 together

Cut the yarn to make a 6” tail. Use a crochet hook to thread the tail through the stitches.

Gently pull the yarn and cinching the top closed

You can either use the tail to attach a tassel, pom-pom, or push it through into the inside of the hat tie off and trim the excess yarn.

Ashley's interest in knitting started at an early age.  When she was little, her mother, grandmother and several aunts would keep she, and her sister in warm sweaters.  At the age of four, she asked her mother to knit her a toaster, which to her chagrin, she just couldn't do.  It wasn't until twelve that she showed an interest in learning to knit for herself.  For many years she was content with knitting scarves and blankets which became an exercise in meditation over the years, one that she still uses.  After having her first son and going back to college to study art, she felt the need to challenge herself through knitting projects.  A friend taught her to crochet and she started exploring advanced knitting skills.  Thus, her designs are born.  She sells her knitted and sewn items at her etsy shop.