By Cassandra Harada

This is a pattern I created for my daughter.  She likes wearing skirts, but in the spring, well...the wind is whipping and it is just a bit too cold with nothing on her legs!  These are a very simple project and can be reproduced with just about any sort of embroidery theme.  I chose cherry blossoms because the season inspired it.  



1-4 years old child.  You may lengthen them or shorten them simply by extending the length of the time you knit in stockinette stitch.  




28cm long by 10cm wide




3 cm X 3 cm

6 st across x 7 rows




Lopi sport weight 100% wool

Lace weight wool in light pink and brown

DPN 3.5mm

one felting needle


co 40 stitches.  


Round 1:  1x1 rib (k1, p1) until the end of the round.  


Repeat this round until you have 3cm  of 1x1 rib.


Stockinette stitch: K all stitches


This will create a nice smooth surface for some textured embroidery.  


Continue in stockinette stitch for 25 cm.


Repeat round 1 again to create another 1x1 border at the bottom of the leg warmer.


Bind off, weave in loose ends and block lightly.




Please let your imagination guide you, and create what ever kind of cherry blossom branch your mind will allow.  You can put the branch on both leg warmers, or on just one.


Branch embroidery:  Satin stitch at varying widths as cherry blossom trees are quite knobby.


Flowers and petals:  daisy stitch, created by pulling the yarn through the stockinette stitch fabric and inserting the needle through the exact same hole as you first came through.  Creating a loop with the first stitch, make a stitch about .5 cm in front of the first stitch, run the needle through the loop and pull snug to create a petal shape.  


If you are new to the world of embroidery, you can watch a video about the daisy stitch here.

and satin stitch here.


After you are finished with your embroidery, use a felting needle and felt the embroidery only.  This gives the embroidery a more dreamy, soft look.  Feel free to omit this step if you prefer not to have felted embroidery.




Cassandra is a mother of one, a knitter for many and a wife to a very busy guy that runs about in a suit all the time.  She lives and knits in Tokyo, and blogs here.