By Izumi Ouchi

by Izumi Ouchi

A light-weighted arm warmer will be most useful for chilly early spring in Tokyo. Rasen means ‘spiral’ in Japanese, this spiral pattern features cables and a bit of lace in twisted rib. Working from the bottom to top, thumb sts are increased as you knit up and later to knit in twisted rib. Enjoy the elegance with lacy spiral cables.



One Size (for bigger size, simply go up needle size and use 4ply weight)


 Length: 10 inches

 Width: 2.7 inches



Puppy, 100 percent wool “New 3ply” 50g, 215m 1 ball

2.75mm circular needles or double-pointed needles

cable needle

waste yarn

tapestry needle



31 sts/45 rows = 10 cm stockinette stitch



Twisted Rib: (p, ktbl) repeat

Cable in twisted rib: slip 2 sts on cable needle, ktbl, p from left needle, then ktbl, p from cable needle




Cast on 60 sts, join in a round not to twist sts.

Work Twisted Rib (p, ktbl) for 3 rows.

Begin working the cuff chart below: 

Continue until the chart is completed 2 times.

Next Row: Work only Row1 of the chart once again.


Set-up Row: (p, ktbl) 3times, yo, (p, ktbl) 7times, yo, (p, ktbl) 3 times, p, k3tog. Repeat from the beginning once more.


Begin the body chart below:

Continue until the chart is completed 7 times (or your desired length)


Thumb Increase:

Row 1: Inc 1 after 54 sts, continue in pattern

Repeat this row 14 times more. (15 sts increased for thumb)


Next Row: K to 51 sts, rest next 15 sts on waste yarn, yo, continue the rest of sts in pattern. (60 sts on the needle)


Continue in pattern until the piece measures 5cm from thumb sts.

Finish with odd numbered row.


Finishing Ribbing:

Work one row of the chart below:

Next row: (p, ktbl) all round for 3 rows

Work tubular bind off. Weave in end.



Place 15 sts back on needle.

Pick up new 5 sts, join in a round. (20 sts)

Work (p, ktbl) rib for 3 rows.

Thumb Decrease: (for bigger thumb, omit this part and continue in pattern with 20 sts and bind off)

Row 1: (p, ktbl) 5 times, k2tog, (p, ktbl) 4 times

Row 2: (p, ktbl) 4 times, p, k2tog, (p, ktbl) 4 times = (18 sts)

Work another 4 rows in twisted rib.

Work tubular bind off. Weave in end.


Make another mit in the same manner and block them lightly.




Photography by Izumi Ouchi

Born in Tokyo, Izumi resides in Nagano where she teaches Ipponbari knitting. Izumi likes to travel for different yarns, her knitting journey can be found in her blog