By Mariah Giles

This is a sweet scarf, not your usual pattern. I wanted to create something luxurious and that draped beautifully. It is a dressy scarf but when paired with jeans and a great coat, it would work well too!

This is one size

Araucania  “ Ruca“    (100% sugar cane; 263 yds/240 m;100g )
Requires 2 skeins-  dk 8 ply,

gauge 22 sts = 4” on 3.5-4mm needles

Requires needle sizes 2.75 mm, 3.5 mm, and 5.0 mm straight needles

22 sts= 4” (10cm) stockinette stitch on 3.5 - 4 mm needles

Provisional cast on-
Eyelet bind off-
M1- (make one)

To begin pleated hem, Using provisional cast on, cast on 44 sts using 3.75mm
Row 1-ws- k4*p1, k4; repeat from * to end
Row 2-rs- p4, *m1, k1, m1, p4; repeat from * to end
Rows 3,5,7- k4, *p3, k4; repeat from * to end
Rows 4,6-p4,*k3, p4; repeat from * to end
Row 8-p4*[k1, m1}twice, k1, p4; repeat from * to end
Row 9- k4,*p5, k4; repeat from * to end
Row 10- p4,* k5, p4; repeat from * to end
Row 11-18- rep rows 9 & 10 four times
Row 19-rep row
Row 20- p4,*k1, m1, k3, m1, k1, p4; repeat from * to end
Row 21- k4,* p7, k4; repeat from * to end
Row 22- p4,* k7, p4; repeat from L to end
Row 23-34- rep rows 21 & 22 six times
Row 35- rep row 21

Work eyelet bind off; cut yarn and weave in ends. Undo provisional cast on
and place sts on 2.75 mm needles.

To work body of scarf-
Row 1-3- knit
Row 4- *k2tog,yo twice; repeat from * to end
Row 5- *k1, k1 loop- dropping the second yo loop off needle with out working
it; rep from * to end
Row 6-8- knit
Row 9-switch to 5.0 mm needles and inc in each st by kf&b;rep from * to end
(88 sts)
Row 10-19- work St st, beg with purl row, for 10 rows
Row 20- switch to 2.75 mm needles and k2tog across.

Rep Row 1-20 of body of scarf pattern until scarf measures ___” from eyelet
bind off of pleated hem, Ending with row 20. Knit 3 more rows

Begin Pleated hem and work down to eyelet pattern, bindoff loosely.

Weave in ends and clip. Wear and enjoy!

About The Author:

Mariah Giles of Dragonflys Designs and Fibers
Ravelry- dragonflyknit