By Cassandra Harada

I like simple knitted objects, simply constructed.  I like warm cozyknits, things that make you feel safe, and at home when you are in them...Thus, I give you Shiver.


The most important thing about Shiver is that it is incredibly economical, even though it is very large.  For the last 3 years (since I have been in Tokyo) I noticed that the Daiso (Japan's version of the dollar store) sells a 100% wool yarn that although it tends to fuzz a little, is great quality.  I used this particular yarn in "thick weight", and for the collar used "super thick" weight.  I think it is a good example of what can be done with things from the dollar store!


Daiso 100 percent wool “thick” yarn 55m (18 balls)

Daiso 100 percent wool “ultra thick” yarn  25 m (6 balls)



6mm circular needles  (it doesn’t matter the length, because it is knitted flat

1 crochet hook for seaming



3X4 = 1 cm square



The particular lace pattern in use is a reversible pattern, so it is ok to knit the body of the shrug in one piece.  You won’t be able to tell the lace is “upside down” because essentially it isn’t. 



Body:  Cast on 80 Sts


Row 1:  K1, P1 until the end of the row

Row 2:  P1, K1 Until the end of the row

This is called “seed stitch”.  Work 5 cm of seed stitch.  Stop on a right side row.



Begin working in stockinette stitch:

Row 1:  (RS) Knit

Row 2:  (WS) Purl

Continue to work in stockinette stitch for 12 cm. 

The next row is the beginning of the lace pattern.

On a wrong side row:  Knit

Next row:  Purl

Next Row: Knit



Row 1: (RS) Knit 2, *k1, K2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1* k1

Row 2:  Purl

Row3:  Knit 2, *k2tog, yo, k3, yo, ssk* k1

Row 4:  Purl

Repeat this pattern 2 more times for a total of 3 lace repeats.

The next three rows should create a ridge like that at the beginning of the lace panel:

R1:  (RS) Purl

R2:  (WS) Knit

R3:  (RS) Purl

You should now switch back to stockinette stitch for 120 cm (or the desired length for your body)  If you wish to shorten it, find the middle of your fore arm, and measure from there, until the middle of your neck.  Multiply that by two and you should have the correct number of cm for your shrug.

After you have finished the long stockinette panel, repeat the pattern from the beginning of the lace panel starting with the garter rib. 

When you are finished knitting the lace panel, and finish the garter rib on the back side of it, Knit 12 cm of stockinette stitch, and 5 cm of seed stitch. 

Bind off loosely.

Weave in the ends


Measure the length of your arm, from the middle of the back of your hand, until your arm pit. 

Fold the garment in half, and using a crochet hook, use the chain stitch to seam your garment. Make a seam as long as your measurement from one the left side and when you have finished, break the yarn and put it through the last stitch.  Pull tight.

Begin from the cuff of the other side and make another seam the same length.  This should leave a rather large hole in the center where you will pick up the collar.


Collar:  Using the thicker yarn, pick up 154 stitches around the opening in your work

Row 1:  *K2, p2 * Until the end of the round

Continue in this pattern until you knit 20 cm of ribbing

Bind off loosely and weave in the ends. 


You can wear this with a shawl pin or broach for a pinch of style, or wear it open like your favorite cardigan.  Happy Knitting, and enjoy your new sweater!

About The Author

Cassandra Harada is a knitting addict, and a spinning fiend.  She lives in Tokyo with her husband, baby and ashford and blogs here