By Cassandra Harada

My brother in law seems to be the sensitive type....which is why I wasn't surprised when this winter after a trip abroad he sent us a box of souvenirs and inside was a tiny ball of cashmere yarn that was spun by some fantastic entrepreneur in Osaka.  

As soon as I picked up the ball, my wheels started turning.  What on earth will I do with such a small amount of yarn, and what the hell is up with this coloring!  It reminded me instantly of the sidewalks in my brother in law's neighborhood of  downtown Osaka...Umeda.   



One size fits all, unless your neck is really really big, then you would add stitches in multiples of 7 as that is the amount needed to complete the lace pattern

Finished Measurements


The cowl measures about 26 cm (when laid flat as in the photograph below) by 16 cm.



One ball of obscure yarn that you can't figure out what to do with.  At least 130 Meters.  Any DK or worsted weight yarn is fine.  


DPN or circular needles 4.5 mm 40 cm 


Stitch marker




It isn't really important as this doesn't have a "proper" way of fitting.  It's just something that you slog around your neck.


Pattern Notes


This lace pattern is very open, thus it is important to block.  Please don't forget!



Using the long tail cast on method (which you can find in last season's issue if you are not sure how that works) cast on 104 stitches.  


Row 1:  join to work in the round, PM, K1, P1 

Row 2:  P1, K1 until you reach the end of the round


Repeat these rows once more.  You should have about 2 cm of seed stitch.


Begin the lace pattern:


Row 1:  k1 [k2tog, yf twice (this will make two stitches), skpo, k3] to last 5 sts, k2tog, yf two times, skpo, k1.


Row 2:  k2 [k in front and back into yf and around the needle of previous row, k1 , p3, k1] to last 4 sts, k in front and back into yf and around needle of previous row, k2.


Row3:  k1, [k2tog, yf two times, skpo, knit into 3rd stitch on left hand needle, then knit into the 2nd st, then knit 1st st (twisting the 3 sts) then slipping all 3 sts off the left hand needle together] to the last 5 sts, k2tog, yf two times, skpo, k1. 


Row 4:  as you knit row 2


Repeat the lace pattern at least 8 times, more if you like.


When you have completed the lace pattern, knit 2 cm seed stitch to complete the border on the unfinished side.  


Bind off all stitches loosely, block to the correct size.  




Cassandra is a mother of one, a knitter for many and a wife to a very busy guy that runs about in a suit all the time.  She lives and knits in Tokyo, and blogs here.